find your way to a susainable life in the countryside


The right place

We know that finding the right place to settle in the countryside can be difficult. For example,

 live in a collective in a farm? 

 or are you in search of your own country house? 

 close to nature or close to the community? 


We know how the country is arranged, we can help you find your place!

A house that matches your dreams

You have a dream about what your country house should look like, but you have doubts about how it can be realized? We can help you

 transforming older country houses 

 providing you with drawings, plans and building permits so you can get started 

 or a complete solution ready to move into 

We work with craftsmen and architects close to you!

Your community in the countryside

Right now, others like you are taking the step and moving out into the countryside. Through us you get access to

 a unique, local sparring community 

 overview of leisure facilities, associations and institutions in your area 

 newsletter with events and events every month directly in your inbox. 


We know how the country is arranged, we can help you find your place!



You get to live in an authentic home, tailored for you in the ways you choose.


We address the UN Sustainable Development Goals to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.

Building on existing structures and re-using the existing material is circular.

Roughly 40% of the energy consumption comes from construction and operation of buildings.

Renovating a building can save up to 45% over newly constructed buildings of equal energy performance levels.


By preserving old buildings and adapting them to our current needs we are preserving our cultural heritage and tradition.


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