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What can rurality mean in an "urban age"? 

Rural Agentur is a research-based architecture studio focusing on rural space as one of the most controversial spaces in the 21st century. 


We live in a so-called ‘urban age’.  Simultaneously, we experience radical transformations of rural spaces.

For instance, in September 2018, the United Nations Human Rights Council passed a resolution concluding a UN Declaration for the Rights of Peasants and Other People Working in Rural Areas. This resolution comes in direct response to the increasing discussions related to the future of rural space (read more           ). 

We believe rural space is changing socially, culturally and economically. 

Based in rural Denmark, Rural Agentur specializes in creating space for rural communities and articulate rural potential.

For us, architecture is foremost a social gesture, an on-going process, which spans from the informal conversation on the plough field to the spaces we co-create, and the research-based architectural solutions we offer.  


Rural Agentur is founded in 2018 by Anna Sofie Hvid, MA Research Architecture, Goldsmiths University, and builds on a trans-disciplinary network of architects, cultural planners, artists, craftsmen and farmers from UK, Germany and  Denmark.


Together with our clients, we investigate the spatial values of rurality.




Rural space is complex. We work with an array of different professionals, and bring together supplementary disciplines, in order to create

sustainable spatial solutions.



Masterplan for Rønnebæksholm

Date: 2020
Client: Rønnebæksholm
Concept: Rural Agentur has proposed a concept for..

​Public space in the rural provinces - a concept for the abandoned train station in Skælskør. 

Date: 2017 -
Client: Harboe Brewery A/S
Concept: Anna Sofie Hvid in collaboration with Anders Abraham og Peter Møller Rasmussen. 

Rural Agentur has proposed a concept for an abandoned train station, a re-interpretation of the train station as one of the few genuinely public spaces in rural areas.

The four-sided farm
as a socially inclusive space - Ravnshøjgaard, a social institution in the Danish rural. 

Date: 2017 - 

Client: Østagergård S/I. 

Concept: Anna Sofie Hvid in collaboration with Peter Møller Rasmussen, Anders Abraham and Gui de Vore. 

For the private social institution Østagergård, Rural Agentur analyzed the significance of the traditional four-sided farm as a socially inclusive space. How can the farm buildings, and area, function as private space for the users, and at the same time provide space for interaction between institution and local community?

A sustainable concert hall surrounded by a permaculture garden, Søholm Opera Garden & Concert Hall.

Date: 2019 - 

Client: Søholm Opera

Concept: The vision is to create the first performing arts complex where nature and culture are  co-existing in new holistic ways through architecture, landscaping and experience design.

The buildings are designed with the historical typographies of Samsø and rural Denmark in mind, writing itself humbly into the landscape. Søholm Opera Garden and Concert Hall  will be built in sustainable materials, and be energy neutral. The Opera Garden will be presumably be one of Europe's largest permaculture gardens.

The farm as a social machine: transformation of Ravnholtgaard.

Date: 2020 - 

Client: FarmCompany 

Concept: Owner structures in the Danish agriculture sector are changing: we are currently witnessing a radical transition from family-owned farms into farm clusters often fueled by investment capital. This implies changes in the spatial understanding of farms and their position in the local landscape as social and economical "machines". 

An integrated village that contributes to biodiversity, Fællesmark in Tuse Næs.

Date: 2020 - 

Client: Foreningen Fællesmark

Concept: The rural settlement of the future will focus on quality: high-quality housing in conjunction with high-quality nature.
Fællesmark is a new residential area at Udby, Tuse Næs, which is planned as an open system, where biodiversity, coherence with the local area, sharing of resources and sharing of knowledge are considered in all parts of the project.
Fællesmark is the ambition to transform a piece of agricultural land on Tuse Næs into a residential area and new nature area that is accessible to the public.
In collaboration with architects, biologists and cultural planners, Fællesmark is being developed as an example project on sustainable housing development.

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