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Research projects

Rural space is complex. We work with an array of different professionals, and bring together supplementary disciplines, in order to create

sustainable spatial solutions.




'Going Rural' at Danish Architecture Centre


Nov. 2019 - Feb. 2020


Danish Architecture Centre (DAC)


Rural Agentur

Since UN declared the advent of an "urban age" in 2008, a burgeoning discussion regarding the definition of rural versus urban has unfolded. Whereas most countries world wide have statistical definitions of what is considered "urban", there is no similar definition of what is "rural". Is the rural simply the left over part?


In this research exhibition supported by Dreyers Foundation, Rural Agentur addresses rurality as a concept, which is subject to controversy - in Denmark as well as globally.

Should humans live here?
Can you imagine the rural?


AAarchitecture Rural Compromise


Contemporary Ruralities

January 24-25th 

Contemporary Ruralities // Changing Grounds. Public symposium at Danish Architecture Centre in connection with the exhibition ’Going Rural’ by Rural Agentur. 


With Christophe Golay, Marten Kuijpers, Nikos Katsikis, Pieter Versteegh & Anna Sofie Hvid. Research presentations by Ida Bjallerbæk Pedersen, Sofia Priisholm Petersen & Sho Murayama & Sam Collins. 

The symposium brings together architects, researchers, artists and practitioners from diverse backgrounds to investigate the cracks and lines in approaching rurality today. 

Access audios and presentations through the archive link below. 

Reading The Rural Workshop with Sahir Patel

November 8th 

With this workshop we wish to convey techniques of approaching the rural through remote sensing, a method which allows for a complex understanding of the physical changes across urban and non-urban landscapes.

This workshop aims at creating an understanding and an image of “The Rural” as multiple entities that will be constructed by overlaying ‘data’ produced by various institutions operating at different resolutions and from different parts of the planet.

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