A masterplan for Rønnebæksholm Arts Centre, Grundtvig and Marie Toft's former home. 


2020 -




Rural Agentur

With a comprehensive plan for Rønnebæksholm, we sat out to re-articulate the structures of the old manor and farm for it's contemporary use as a buzzling arts centre.


Rønnebæksholm is to this day strongly connected to its former owner Marie Toft,  the second wife of the reformer and poet Grundtvig. Marie Toft not only managed Rønnebæksholm and its farm activities, she also acted as a key figure in the 19th century cultural and social movement around Grundtvig. 

Rønnebæksholm - with its beautiful exhibition rooms, large barns and extensive park is a fabulous framework for a cultural experience where art, landscape and production merge into different activities and artistic forms of expression.