A new masterplan for Grundtvig's former manor house, Rønnebæksholm


2020 -




Rural Agentur

With a new comprehensive plan for Rønnebæksholm, we set out to create an art venue with strong local roots and views where the audience can get really close to the creation of art as a playful and sensual process from production to exhibition, learning and cultural events.

Rønnebæksholm has with its beautiful exhibition rooms, large, conservation-worthy barns and extensive green areas opportunities to form the framework for a unique cultural experience where art, nature, production and learning merge into different activities, which appeals to a wide audience across generations and artistic forms of expression.
By involving the audience in the creation of art from production to exhibition, Rønnebæksholm will occupy a completely unique position in the cultural landscape. We want to create an excursion destination for locals as well as outsiders, where visitors feel like spending a whole day with opportunities to immerse oneself, fall into conversation, ask questions, get lost, relax, grab a bite and laze in the tall grass.

The new comprehensive plan for Rønnebæksholm is based on 12 functions that take place across art, nature, learning and production. The overall plan aims to create an inclusive environment where a versatile community can unfold - in line with the place's previous owners Marie Toft and NFS Grundtvig's struggle for education, social inclusion and equality.

Based on art's many interfaces with our society and the big questions of the time, Rønnebæksholm will be a meeting place for people, including especially children and young people who will be learning and meeting with professional performers.

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