The right place

A house that matches your dreams

Your community in the countryside

Your way into the housing market


The right place

We know that finding the right place to settle in the countryside can be difficult. For example,

  • live in a collective in a farm?

  • or are you in search of your own country house?

  • close to nature or close to the community?


We know how the country is arranged, we can help you find your place!


The house

You have a dream about what your country house should look like, but you have doubts about how it can be realized? We can help you

  • transforming older country houses

  • providing you with drawings, plans and building permits so you can get started

  • or a complete solution ready to move into

We work with craftsmen and architects close to you!


A unique community

Right now, others like you are taking the step and moving out into the countryside. Through us you get access to


  • a unique, local sparring community

  • overview of leisure facilities, associations and institutions in your area

  • newsletter with events and events every month directly in your inbox.

We are only waiting for you! 


The finances

A country house can be a good investment! We have knowledge of which areas in the country have upward trends. You get


  • Attractive mortgages for you from private investors



Roughly 40% of the energy consumption comes from construction and operation of buildings.

Renovating a building can save up to 45% over newly constructed buildings of equal energy performance levels.


Denmark is famous for leading the hapiness world rankings.

At the same time, Danish people living in rural areas are more satisfied than Danes residing in the big cities.


Living in the countryside doesn't mean being isolated.

It's all about the community that you choose

to live surrounded by.

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