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10 reasons why Nordic interiors are worldwide appreciated and copied

The Nordic style, or also known as Scandinavian style, has long become a prominent trend in the world of interior design. A trend that despite the passing of the years there continues, giving much to talk about, filling pages and pages of the most prestigious magazines and decoration blogs without any hint of wear.

And the reasons are many, perhaps its simplicity, its warmth, its relaxed and neutral atmospheres, or its ability to continually reinvent itself by mixing with other styles. Do not miss some of the lessons that these spaces give us to continue being a source of inspiration day after day, we tell you!

1. Use curtains for what? The Nordics appreciate clarity above all, you have to take into account the few hours of natural light they receive during the winter, and this makes them worry almost obsessively about it and decide to do without curtains in many cases. Also when they put them on, they are very thin and light, letting in as much natural light as possible.

2. White color as base tone. For the same reason, the white color is used as the basis of everything, on the walls, the ceiling, even the floor, seeking to enhance the clarity of the spaces and becoming the perfect framework to arrange the rest of the decorative elements. Other equally valid and used color options are neutral and lighter shades of the spectrum such as beige, light gray or bone tones.

3. Pastel color accents. That white is the base tone does not mean that Scandinavian houses are devoid of color. To the usual range of blacks and grays that were being used to create contrast with white, other more cheerful colors have been added lately in the form of accessories, textiles, cushions and furniture. These colors are mainly light colors little saturated, the famous pastel shades, which certainly help enhance the luminosity of the spaces.

4. Yes to prints, but geometric. The sobriety and simplicity of the Nordic style allows certain compositional licenses to break with the decorative monotony not only through color but also with the use of prints, but not of any kind. To maintain the minimalist character of the Nordic style, the most appropriate are the geometric patterns that will provide a subtle dynamism but without excesses.

5. Floors, always made of wood. If the Scandinavian interiors stand out for something, it is because of its pristine wooden floors, normally clear and with streaks and imperfections in sight. This, far from diminishing the charm of the spaces, gives them a plus of warmth that invites you to walk the house with bare feet even on the coldest days of winter.

6. That there is no lack of home heat. Have you noticed the huge cast iron stoves that can be found in the corner of most Nordic-style spaces? They are beautiful right? Normally cylindrical and with a large volume that goes from floor to ceiling, they do not go unnoticed and are a decorative element to take into account as in this space, where it has been coordinated with the color of the cushions.

7. Taste for art. If there is a style that knows how to take advantage of an empty wall, that is the Nordic style. They are specialists in creating unique and memorable compositions mixing elements as diverse as works of art, photographs, prints, graphic art, letters, signs, etc. All organized in elegant and sober sets full of dynamism where white and black is the main color.

8. Nordic design icons. From the emblematic designers of the mid-twentieth century to the current Scandinavian design houses, it is a fact that Scandinavian design is a benchmark in the world scene and the Nordics proudly show it in their homes. There is no interior of Scandinavian style that boasts that it does not have a chair, a table, a lamp or any other decorative element of recognized invoice.

9. Vegetation also inside. The low winter temperatures in these latitudes make the survival of plants outside impossible, so the Nordics dominate the art of incorporating them into

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